I got a phone call today from one of my best friends, Sara Lynn, and she told me that our very first show together, HGTV’s “Rooms that Rock” is airing again on BBC Kids Canada.

So of course, I had to check and what do you know…

we’re airing 5 times a week, Monday to Friday at 7:00pm.

Andrew, Me, and Sara Lynn

(in the RTR Truck)

If you haven’t seen the show, and have the courage to let your child make design decisions in your house, you have to watch it!

Before Model Home Showdown, Andrew Pike and I would have it out every week as we fought to win the job of making over 1 space in a family home…

but we could never predict how the meeting would go because our clients were KIDS!

(Don’t laugh…Andrew used to art direct my eyebrows and wanted them really dark and arched which made me look like a cross between a Chola and Jerry’s uncle on Seinfeld)



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  1. Lauren B says:

    I LOVE your show it is awesome

    • its an asume show!!! what is your favorite one???????????????? Mine is RENEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Ebony says:

        That is funny cause I’m just watching that one right now on tv. But I wish they would decoratate my room I hate it!!! But I have no way to contact them!

    • Ryley Ritchie says:

      So do I and I have a kiddish room with flowers all over and I want to hang out with my friends but I am embarrassed to. I want something kicked back and something with music. Do you think you are up for the challenge. PLEASE help me and by the way I am 10 years old. thax

  2. Brianna Singh says:

    This is Brianna Singh.
    I’m a big fan of your show.
    I have a very plain room and would like to know if you still decorate rooms.
    My Mom dosen’t have the time to decorate it.
    I always watch your show and I love it!

    Brianna Singh

  3. Ella says:

    I love your show!
    I have been on my computer for such a log time trying to figure out
    how to get rooms that its just everthing i click on is’nt your website,
    Do you have any idea how i could?, if so just make a comment saying how and i will check here all the time
    Bye Ella

  4. nicole says:

    I myself and my son watch your show every day we love it
    I was wondering if you guys are still doing the show? and if so i would love you to do my sons room, for his 7th birthday it would be awesome.

  5. Shaelyn says:

    your show rocks! do you redecorate bedrooms?

  6. Shaelyn says:

    I have the same problem as brianna only my room is not finished and i am 11.

  7. hey guys i really want my room done again but just a warning my room is pretty small hope you can do my rooom thanx bye

  8. hey guys i really love your show its awesome i am sending this reqwest to get my room done warning is not small not to big but i would just like to have it done thanks a billion bye

  9. Emma Dingwell says:

    Hey you guys!!
    I love your show and watch it every chance i get, I’m 10 years old and my mom is having a baby soon. I am switching rooms and my new room is in desperate need of a make-over. You have great ideas and it would be amazing if you could help me out with my room!! Hope to hear from you…Emma Dingwell from PEI :)

    • cheryl says:

      Hi Emma,

      Sounds exciting since you are getting a new room! Send me some pics and I’m sure that I can give you some designer advice!


    • where do you live in P.E.I? I live in borden, I’m 10 years old and you sound fremiler to me. Pleese tell me more about yourself …. as in ? your hair color? your eye color? do you have a hobie? do you collet any idems?
      thank you !
      I have blue eyes, brown hair,a like to swim and I collet snow globs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. maddie says:

    hey rooms that rock!!! My room is super small so it’s really hard to have alot of space and a room that fits me i have alot of things i really want done with my room but my basement needs reno and our upstairs flooring needs done too!! There’s alot to be done before i’m even allowed to talk about room reno and i need your help desperatly!!!!I NEED A MAKEOVER!!!!!!!!!! Please help me
    Sincerely, Maddie

  11. Bridget M says:

    I love your show!
    The rooms you make are really awesome!!!
    I hope to have you come to my house sometime because my room is soooooooo plain.
    hope to see you soon

  12. Rachel M says:

    Your show Rocks!!
    I love how you turn boring old rooms into awesome new ones
    I was wondering if you could come to my house sometime and
    make my boring old room rock. An eleven year old needs a cool room.

  13. HI
    I am josee-Anne lafond
    AND i am 9 years old
    i love your show
    i wanted a desigh for my room
    i am in the country
    YA so bye
    by josee-anne

    • cheryl says:

      Hi Josee-Anne,

      Thanks for watching! Unfortunately, we aren’t filming any new shows right now but I’m so glad that you are a fan. If you need some tips on decorating your room, just send me an email at



  14. laura macinnis says:

    Hi I’m Laura,
    I really need a new room because my old one is too babyish and small. I like funky and crazy things cause I’m a funky and crazy girl. My favourite colors are fuschia and aqua green. I have designs and plans for my room so if you wanted to you could add some things to it but I’m in desperate need of a new room. I have the bed and the curtains but you could add some more things if you like. I really really really need a new room and I don’t know if you still decorate rooms. I’m a big fan of your show.
    Sincerely, Laura

    • cheryl says:

      Hi Laura,

      Thanks so much for watching girl! I like that you are not afraid of colour…especially fuschia. That’s one of my favourite colours. Unfortunately we are not filming any new shows at this time but you can email me at if you need some pointers.



  15. kendall says:

    hi i dont know how this works but i would like a makover for my room please if you could my room my like just decorated it i never get a say in it and i need a new room please i dont know if im doing this but i wpould like a dance kind of room with privacy because i never get =(

    thanks kendall

    • cheryl says:

      Hi Kendall,

      Sorry for the delay but I was on vacation in Asia for the past 3 weeks. Unfortunately, we are not filming any new shows at this time but send me an email at and I’m sure that I can give you some decor ideas.


  16. kendall says:

    how long will it take you to reply because i need a serious makeover please

    thanks kendall

  17. Shiraz M says:

    I Watch Your Show All The Time!!
    My Room Is So Boring!!!
    Im Thinking Of A Makeover!
    Please Email Me With The Price And Stuff!!! :D
    Love Shiraz! :D <3

  18. abubakar says:

    heymy name is Abubakar iwant you to come to my home to decorated my room.
    live at 2509 champdore app:205 moreal thank you

  19. azizah says:

    hey…i love your show and i really need a bedroom makeover!!!
    there is really no colour in my room
    please save me from the lack of colour!!!!!
    i guess im suppose to e-mail you but i dont noe the e-mail
    so it would be helpful for a lot of people if you were to post it up or something

  20. Jackie-Lee Wight says:

    My room is so boring I want my room to get a makeover I live in a apartment so it might be hard but pleasz email me with the price and stuff and your show is the cooles show ever .I lke hiphop rap music I”m 10 yrs old

    From Jackie :p

    • cheryl says:

      Hi Jackie-Lee,

      I love hip hop and rap too! What episode did you watch that you liked? I’m sure I can give you some ideas of what things cost when I know more info.


  21. hey i love love your show i wach it every day after school could you come to my house my mom has no time i love art and need sooo much storage for my art. thanks so much Tianna!

  22. Maxx Leonard says:

    This is Maxx leonard
    I’m a big fan of your show.
    I have a very plain room and would like to know if you still decorate rooms.
    My Mom dosen’t have the time to decorate it.
    I always watch your show and I love it!

    Maxx leonard

  23. Hi rooms that rock fans,
    My bedroom is cool but no storige. I LOVE your show so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite show was for Renee. I don’t like pink and purple, my favorite colors are blue, orange and bright green.My room is packed with things i like but i will not give them up.I like to draw, color,dress up in gowns,collet snow globs and I am 10 years old. The deal is I have a small bed room and many things to put in it.This is me …creative, hope to get a new bedroom.!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thank you !!!!!!!!!!!! you guys rock those rooms. Love maddy!!!

  24. are you stoping the show foever or for a month or what? how long ? can’t you see you have so many fans in need of your show? Why are you not doing a show any more?

  25. Kyra says:

    Hi my name Kyra and I am 11. I whatch your show everyday.I have looked for your website for a very long time. I live in an apartment and my bedroom is way too plain if you could please help that would be awesome. PLEASE

  26. Alyssa says:

    Hello My name is Alyssa and i am emailing you because i need a new room and i was thinking mabe if you be nice and help me change my room and i am 10 years old and my room is pink but i want my room black or pink blue pupper i hate ornge because it is a old cloure On MONDAY TUSEDAY WEDNESDAY I GOT OUT OF SCHOOL AT 3:30 I get home about 4:00pm i get up at 7:05 or 7:00am on Tursday i get out of school at 2:00pm on Friday i got out of school at 3:00 pm i do not come home for lunch. SO WILL YOU GET MEA NEW ROOM THAT ROCKS I LOVE YOU GUYS LOL.

    • joel says:

      hello my room sucks i whant to have wwe toys and piturs and native stuffe rooms that rock can you pleas help me i livein brampton in84 millhousemews but i what to chang my bed from joel to rooms that rock bye met us on next saterday

  27. Shay says:

    Iam a big fan of ur show and I have seen what you guys can do and….
    I relly need a room makeover…I have had the same paint on the walls for a while now and I need a change, my faveoret colors are Purple,Green and Black. Also nothing in my room matches exsept for a mirror and a desk…Please Help!

  28. alyssa says:

    hi um i really would like you guys 2 decorate my room! i would be so happy if u came 2 my house i live in canada st.cathrines ontario 5 west farmington dr. please come and decorate my room!!!!

  29. Natasha says:

    Will you guys be doing anymore episodes, or are you done with the show??

  30. melly123 says:

    hi cheryl well i ve been wondering how do you get on the show?

  31. liz says:

    hi im elizabeth i live in lethbridge on an acreage im nine years old and im in grade 4 i have the worse room ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. alex says:

    wow todays episode was so cool…
    and can you do my room

  33. julia says:

    how do u get a rooms that rock makeover???????

  34. Hey! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be okay. I’m absolutely enjoying your blog and look forward to new updates.

  35. Myra says:

    I have a pretty ordinary bedroom but, I don’t like it. I am 12 and really don’t like my room if I went on your show I would die… I would love every minute of it!!! I really don’t like my room and I love your guys show … I can’t wait to see if I am picked !! If anyone from RTR is reading this Thank you soo much
    PS I am watching your show right now <3

  36. Shatara Crowe says:

    Hey I’m a 13 year old girl from manitoba. I love the show!!! why aren’t they filming anymore, so many people watch and love the show? I wish they were still filming cuz I still have teddy bear wallpaper…. and green carpet… yeah my room looks horrible.

    • Shatara Crowe says:

      I also cant afford to pay to give my room a makeover because I have been riding for 6 years and im trying to save up for the horse I am planning on buying

  37. Destiny says:

    Hi my name is Destiny Lavhey.
    I have NO idea how to design my bedroom since my parents are letting me redeorate
    and i was just hoping i could have some help!!!!!

  38. Destiny says:

    Hi my name is Destiny Lavhey and i really need your help! my parents are allowing me to redecorate and i have no idea what to get beacsue there are so many different things i could get!!!


  39. sara says:

    i love your show . i watch it every day.i just wish that you could do my room. i need an answer from you. but i need 4 answers from you. did you or andrew stop doing the show or some other person do it?why is the email only say your name on it? why did you stop getting new people? i hope you soon get new people!

  40. Chelsea says:

    hey… your show is pretty good.
    actually really good considering i dont watch tv that much and i think
    a lot of shows are lame. my room is boring and id like to make a change to it but
    my parents dont have the time to do it.
    i was wondern if you could help me…

  41. amanah rahal says:

    hi luv your show. i am a 11 year old girl. My house is in a expansion right now and i was wondering if you would like to decorate it all from scratch because its a new room. the room will be ready in may or june 2011. if you email me back, i will tell you what i like. remember, you dont need to move anything around, its a new room an i hope u will be the first people to decorate it. plz email me back asap because i would like to get stuff for my new room if i know u r not coming thx

  42. how can i get u do make over my room

  43. Bri says:

    Hi Rooms that Rock!
    I was wondering if you could give me some advice on how to do my room. I have this awesome color green chose but, am not quite sure that I could do it. Can you please give me some advice. Loved the awesome show you guys did with the country girl feel. Can you give me some prices on stuff from the country girl, beach party, and pop star.
    Thanks ROOMS THAT ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Carley Ruggiero says:

    Hi Cheryl,
    Im a 14 year old girl with the same design on my room that i have had since i was 3. I have butter flies hanging from the ceiling and a picket fence around the bottom of my wall. If you ever happen to do any more shows I would really appricate if you re did my room, but if not i really love Paris and the yellow. Any pointers?
    Thanks Carley

  45. Shay says:

    Hi this summer wer moving from Calgary to nanimo and I have never got to decorate my room because we do not have the time. So please can I come on your show?

  46. Rock Star says:

    my room is way to small and i hate it

  47. i LOVE your show i hate my room i was hopeing you could help me re decorate my room i wish i had bunk-bed coushes and snaks,lizards,frogs i am 8 years old and my room is plane bage please could you re deckorate my room on your show

  48. Abbey says:

    Hi I am getting a new room this year in the spring and I was wondering if you my all time favorite room decorators could come and decorate my room I like horses and the color pink and purple I live in Brookdale MB.

  49. rose says:

    please help my room is soooooooooooo boring all I have is a matress a dresser and a desk and a closet my favrate colors are baby blue, purple, red and light green please help from rose devarenne age 12

  50. Grace & Claire says:

    My sister Claire sleeps in my bed every night.
    The room was meant for me. In April my mom is going to redo it.
    I was wondering if you could help us?
    Grace & Claire
    P.S. I am 9 and Claire is 6

  51. Bethannie says:

    I live in Quebec and my name is Bethannie
    I absolutely love this show so much.I think that the rooms that you guys make are REALLY REALLY COOL!!
    My room could use a really big makeover. I have flowers all over and it is so childish and my room is not really somewher i can bring my friends. I am 13 years old and I have had the same room since I was 4 and my room is really small so i need help making it feel BIGGER.I would like a room that has really bright colors and i also really like animal print.

  52. Lauren.D says:

    hi my name is Lauren Davidson
    I am a fashion dramatist!!!!!!!!!
    I love lime lime lime lime green
    and hot hot hot pink.If you could
    make a cool room for me that
    would be great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And I also love love love love love
    from Lauren

  53. Lauren.D says:

    are filming any more shows
    your biggest fan

  54. Lauren.D says:

    do you like to sing Cheryl???????
    your biggest fan

  55. Hailey says:

    Hey Cheryl,
    I absolutely love your show. Im 13 turning 14 in june and i wanted to be on this show. I was trying to find out how i can get on the show but nothing. If you need any people for the show i hope you can call me for this. Thanks


  56. robert says:

    my room is just full of boring and i really need a makeover but i love comics,biking and skateboarding.

  57. i love your show would you come and do my room id love it!!!!!!!

  58. Kyra says:

    Please check your email!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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